Welders of Instagram: @moser_fab

Apr 2017 29
13 00 Sat
Written by Weld.com

Over the past few weeks, we've been talking with and sharing some work from some top notch welders and fabricators. This week, we worked with @moser_fab to bring you some top notch eye candy. Jason is widely regarded as a jack of all processes, so we were especially interested to hear how he got his start and his advice to up-and-comers.
Moser_fabWeld.com:  When did you know you wanted to be a welder?

@Moser_fab: Growing up as a teenager, by brother in law owned a body shop. I worked summers there pushing a broom, cleaning shop and helping out. He eventually started teaching me a little about welding and the basics. The rest is History so to speak, I have been at it ever since.

Weld.com: Do you have any formal training in welding or fabrication?
@Moser_fab: I have taken a few welding courses at our local community college, but that was after I was already welding for a living. I took the courses to get an advantage over other applicants for advancement in my company's job network. However, most of my experience is OTJ, real world experience. 

Weld.com: What type of work and what processes do you use in your day to day activities?
@Moser_fab: I work for a State D. O. T. and run my own business as well, and occasionally for other local welding shops. I work a lot of heavy equipment as you would imagine, but I love to build custom furniture and lighting, as well. I work a lot of MIG, Stick, and TIG. I'm handy with a torch and plasma as well.

Weld.com: What's the best and worst part of your job?
@Moser_fab: I would say the best part of my job(s) is the variety. It is the spice of life, ya know? The worst part of my day job is we have quite a few bush hogs and they are a constant thorn in my side. Hahaha 

Weld.com: What advice do you have for high school students or anyone looking to enter into a welding career?
@Moser_fab: My best advice for any beginner or anyone for the matter is the best advice given to me decades ago. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HOOD TIME âś”. All that other stuff will work itself out if you put the hours, days, weeks, months, years under the lid. Don't get discouraged, it will come. 

Weld.com: Where can people get more information or get in touch with you?
@Moser_fab: You can find me on Instagram @ Moser_fab. There is a link to my website there as well. 					<a href=Read More

Welders of Instagram: @blackburnfabrication

Apr 2017 22
11 00 Sat
Written by Weld.com

This week we had the pleasure of sharing with you some work from David Blackburn (@blackburnfabrication). 

Flat Bed mounting plates

Dave is one of the coolest and most humble welders out there. Lately, he's been chronicling the fabrication of his new welding rig for everyone and it’s been a thing of beauty, to say the least. As welders, we tend to notice craftsmanship more than the average person, but It's an impressive feat when a guy like Dave can weld a nut to a washer and make you stop to admire it.
If you're not already following him, you can learn a lot from his work, so before reading the rest; go follow him ... we'll wait.

The idea behind the #weldersofIG campaign is to try and highlight some great welders and welding, but each Saturday we like to hear how they got started and what they do day in and day out. This week is no exception:

Weld.com: When did you know you wanted to be a welder?

@blackburnfabrication: I liked working with metal from when I was a kid. My dad used to stick weld a lot and I learned a bunch from him. My uncle owns a body shop and I learned how to mig weld from him. I didn't start TIG welding until I was in my 20's.

Weld.com: What type of work do you do in your day to day activities?

@blackburnfabrication: Most of my work is with thinner material and I'd say 90% of what I do is TIG. A lot of airplane intake and exhaust repairs along with other thin sheet metal repairs. I try and specialize with that type of work. There are a lot of talented weldors that live in my area, so I try and do my own thing. I don't do much pipe or structural welding. Not that I don't like to just is really competitive here.  

Weld.com: What advice do you have to high school students or anyone looking to enter into a welding career?

@blackburnfabrication: Best advice I can give younger weldors is spend as much time under your hood as you can. Watch as many old time weldors as you can and practice what they do. You can take something they do and make it your own. Everyone has their own style. Ask questions of your welding teachers, but be respectful. If you are willing to work hard it is a great carrier, but you can't be lazy and expect the work just to come to you.

Special thanks goes out to Dave for allowing us to raid his IG account for the pictures we've been using all week and taking the time to answer some questions for us. If you know someone who deserves to have their welds showcased, give us a shout on Instagram (@welddotcom). Until next week, weld on!

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Welders of Instagram: @cavemanwelder

Apr 2017 08
11 54 Sat
Written by Weld.com

This week we had the pleasure of sharing some work from one of our favorite welders on Instagram, Alex Brown (@cavemanwelder). Alex has some of the best looking welds out there, and we often get comments and requests to do  a "cavemanwelder" video. Alex has become notorious for his two, three and four rod TIG weaves; some of which we featured in the past week. We had some questions for Alex to see how he got started in the trade and what his advice is to high school students interested in welding. Read More

Welders of IG Showcase #1: @ram_nation58

Mar 2017 31
15 12 Fri
Written by Weld.com

It’s no secret that welders create some amazing creations. To people that don’t weld or fabricate, a good looking bead isn’t appreciated or admired like it is to one of us. Instagram has become a hotbed of welding talent and a community for some of the greatest welders in the world to share projects and great looking welds.

In an attempt to showcase some of our favorite welders on Instagram and show high school students what welders do on a daily basis, we started the #WeldersofIG campaign. Each week, we will choose a welder that excels at their craft and share their work daily on IG with a tribute to them here on Weld.com.

Bob Scout Merit Badge - Cowley College

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